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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Summary of cpDNA sequences of S. chacoense and five other Solanum species

SpeciesTotal Length (bp)Total No. of genesNo. of rRNANo. of tRNAGC content (%)Accession no.Reference
S. chacoense155,53213643638MF471371In this study
S. berthaultii155,53313743938KY419708Kim et al. (2018)
S. nigrum155,43213943938KM489055Cho and Park (2016)
S. commersonii155,52513343337.5KM489054Cho et al. (2016)
S. tuberosum155,29613143637.5NC008096Gargano et al. (2005)
S. tuberosum155,31213043037KM489056Cho et al. (2016)
S. bulbocastanum155,37113343038DQ347958Daniell et al. (2006)

*The data have been partially adopted from Kim et al. (2018).

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