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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5.

PCR-based markers for the discrimination of S. chacoense from other Solanum species. A: SC3_InDel_11. B: SC3_InDel_16. C: SC3_SNP_7. D: SC3_SNP_15. The four markers are all positively specific to S. chacoense. M, PT56, TR, SC3, SA, SP, SH1, SB1, SM1, SC1, SV1, SK, SS, SH2, SM2, SB2, SV2, SJ, and ST2 indicate size marker ladder, a S. tuberosum breeding line, a potato variety (Tamra), a line of S. chacoense, S. acaule, S. pinnatisectum, S. hjertingii, S. berthaultii, S. mochiquense, S. cardiophyllum, S. verrucosum, S. kurtzianum, S. stoloniferum, S. hougassi, S. microdontum, S. brevicaule, S. vernei, S. jamesii and S. tuberosum subsp. andigenum, respectively

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