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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Folia morphometric characters of Thaumatococcus daniellii population from southwest region of Nigeria

State Population code PL (cm) LW (cm) LL (cm) LT (cm) PD (cm)
TdOs01 98.30±6.91bc 29.22±2.65cd 41.68±3.21bc 0.04±0.01ab 0.78±0.08cd
Osun TdOs02 65.02±3.98f 33.02±3.17ab 44.64±3.99bc 0.05±0.01a 0.82±0.06bc
TdOs03 78.46±5.85e 29.24±2.65cd 34.00±2.37e 0.05±0.01a 0.96±0.07a
TdOs04 94.02±6.81cd 27.02±2.17cd 44.16±3.99bc 0.06±0.01a 0.82±0.07bc
TdOs05 86.16±6.35de 32.24±3.11bc 39.00±2.57d 0.05±0.01a 0.96±0.08a
TdOy01 83.36±6.13de 32.96±3.15bc 42.56±3.54bc 0.06±0.01a 0.81±0.06bc
Oyo TdOy02 91.44±6.72cd 30.08±3.01bc 42.58±3.21bc 0.05±0.01b 0.66±0.07e
TdOy03 61.76±3.60fg 27.47±2.17cd 40.14±3.17cd 0.05±0.01b 0.78±0.09cd
TdOy04 94.06±6.81cd 33.02±3.17ab 44.14±3.89bc 0.06±0.01a 0.82±0.07bc
TdOy05 69.08±5.08ef 33.46±3.19ab 41.64±3.21cd 0.05±0.01a 0.82±0.08bc
TdOg01 71.61±5.16ef 26.52±2.17d 39.52±2.21d 0.04±0.01ab 0.62±0.06e
Ogun TdOg02 89.30±6.60d 33.90±3.17ab 45.80±3.65ab 0.05±0.01a 0.52±0.05f
TdOg03 78.78±5.88e 30.82±3.04bc 42.60±3.54cd 0.05±0.01a 0.74±0.04cd
TdOg04 99.30±6.90bc 29.90±2.70cd 41.80±3.21cd 0.06±0.01a 0.52±0.05f
TdOg05 88.12±6.65d 32.82±3.14bc 44.60±3.89bc 0.05±0.01a 0.74±0.09cd
TdLg01 72.20±5.23ef 29.38±2.54cd 41.00±3.46cd 0.05±0.01a 0.71±0.05de
Lagos TdLg02 81.26±6.02de 28.26±2.43cd 42.82±3.54cd 0.04±0.01ab 0.88±0.09ab
TdLg03 97.70±6.98bc 32.30±2.45bc 47.86±4.01a 0.05±0.01a 0.68±0.07de
TdLg04 73.20±7.23ef 31.38±3.14bc 41.02±3.46cd 0.05±0.01a 0.71±0.06d
TdLg05 98.26±6.91bc 31.26±2.13bc 43.82±3.80bc 0.05±0.01a 0.78±0.08cd
TdOn01 98.12±6.90bc 30.56±3.06bc 46.18±3.68ab 0.05±0.01a 0.88±0.08ab
Ondo TdOn02 87.30±6.18d 34.30±3.27ab 39.46±2.21d 0.06±0.01a 0.93±0.08ab
TdOn03 104.54±8.86b 36.00±4.19a 47.28±4.01a 0.05±0.01a 0.76±0.08cd
TdOn04 111.30±9.18ab 34.30±3.27ab 45.46±3.62ab 0.05±0.01a 0.96±0.12a
TdOn05 89.54±6.86d 33.00±3.19ab 39.28±2.19d 0.06±0.01a 0.94±0.01a
TdEk01 89.24±6.85d 30.06±3.03bc 39.24±2.19d 0.05±0.01a 0.87±0.08c
Ekiti TdEk02 109.06±7.34b 34.66±3.30ab 48.86±4.18a 0.05±0.01a 0.79±0.10cd
TdEk03 104.32±7.47b 35.02±4.04a 44.42±3.58bc 0.05±0.01a 0.91±0.09a
TdEk04 93.06±6.54cd 32.66±3.49bc 38.86±2.02d 0.06±0.01a 0.79±0.05cd
TdEk05 118.32±7.47a 36.46±3.20a 49.42±4.21a 0.05±0.01a 0.90±0.09a

Values with same alphabet(s) along the column were not significantly different at p < 0.05. Keys: PL: Petiole length; LW: Leaf width; LL: Leaf length; LT: Leaf thickness; PD: Petiole diameter

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