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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Change in body weight in male and female ICR mice after single oral administration of varying doses of the PAT protein

Sex Group (dose: mg/kg) Change in body weight (g/day)

1* 5 7
Male G1 (0) 34.84±1.42a 36.41±1.63a 36.17±1.52a
G2 (1000) 34.25±2.12a 35.49±2.17a 35.94±2.19a
G3 (2000) 34.47±0.79a 35.26±0.93a 36.33±0.88a
G4 (4000) 35.16±1.33a 35.94±1.17a 35.98±1.26a
Female G1 (0) 29.96±0.86b 29.60±0.93bc 30.23±0.90b
G2 (1000) 29.94±0.62b 30.94±1.22b 30.49±1.24b
G3 (2000) 27.84±0.70c 28.05±0.87c 28.95±1.11b
G4 (4000) 29.86±1.30bc 29.95±1.53b 30.98±1.84b

*Day after administration of PAT protein.

Body weights (g/day) are means ± SD (n=5). Values with different letters are significantly different between days and doses, as determined by Duncan's multiple range test (p<0.05).

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