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Fig. 7.

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Fig. 7. Predicted expression analyses of tomato CYP genes. The RNA-seq data for different tissues and developmental stages of the tomato were obtained from the Tomato Functional Genomics Database ( for heat map generation. The color scale indicates the expression values; the green color indicates low transcript abundance and the red color indicates high levels of transcript abundance. Cotyl: cotyledon, Hypo: hypocotyl, roots, YL: young leaves, ML: mature leaves, Meri: vegetative meristem, YFB: young floral bud, 0DPA: anthesis flower, 10 DPA1:10 days post anthesis fruit1, 10 DPA2:10 days post anthesis fruit2, 20 DPA2: 20 days post anthesis fruit, 33 DPA: ripening fruit. The heat map was generated via the online tool Heatmapper ( using the clustering method (Complete linkage) and distance measurement method (Spearman rank correlation)
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