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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. PCR-based markers for the discrimination of S. brevicaule from other Solanum species. A: SB2_SNP_3. B: SB2_SNP_5. C: SB2_SNP_8. The three markers all generated bands positively and/or negatively specific to S. brevicaule. Red and yellow allows indicate positive and negative bands on S. brevicaule, respectively. SB2-1 and SB2-17 indicate two different lines of S. brevicaule (PI205394). M, SH, HR, DJ, PT56, SA, SB1, SD, SC4, SC1, SC2, SI, SK, SJ, SM2, SM1, SP, SS, SV2, and SV1 indicate a size marker ladder, the potato varieties ‘Seohong’, ‘Haryeong’, ‘Daeji’, a potato breeding line ‘PT56’, S. acaule (PI310970), S. berthaultii (PI310981), S. demissum (PI218047), S. candolleanum (PI210035), S. cardiophyllum (PI341233), S. commersonii (PI558050), S. iopetalum (PI230459), S. kurtzianum (PI578236), S. jamesii (PI578326), S. microdontum (PI310979), S. mochiquense (PI338616), S. pinnatisectum (PI190115), S. stoloniferum (PI160224), S. vernei (PI230468) and S. verrucosum (PI160228), respectively
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