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J Plant Biotechnol 2018;45:155-286
Strengthening the competitiveness of agricultural biotechnology through practical application of gene editing technology
Shin-Woo Lee
J Plant Biotechnol 2018;45:155-170
Research status of the development of genetically modified papaya (Carica papaya L.) and its biosafety assessment
Ho Bang Kim, Yi Lee, and Chang-Gi Kim
J Plant Biotechnol 2018;45:171-182
Recent research progress on the functional roles and regulatory mechanisms of SMALL AUXIN UP RNA gene family
Sang Ho Lee
J Plant Biotechnol 2018;45:183-189
Current status on global sweetpotato cultivation and its prior tasks of mass production
Ho Soo Kim, Chan-Ju Lee, So-Eun Kim, Chang Yoon Ji, Sung-Tai Kim, Jin-Seog Kim, Sangyong Kim, and Sang-Soo Kwak
J Plant Biotechnol 2018;45:190-195
Status of research on the sweetpotato biotechnology and prospects of the molecular breeding on marginal lands
Ho Soo Kim, Ung-Han Yoon, Chan-Ju Lee, So-Eun Kim, Chang Yoon Ji, and Sang-Soo Kwak
J Plant Biotechnol 2018;45:196-206
Research Articles
Development of PCR-based markers for discriminating Solanum berthaultii using its complete chloroplast genome sequence
Soojung Kim, Kwang-Soo Cho, and Tae-Ho Park
J Plant Biotechnol 2018;45:207-216
Screening of melon genotypes identifies gummy stem blight resistance associated with Gsb1 resistant loci
Md Zahid Hassan, Arif Hasan Khan Robin, Md Abdur Rahim, Sathishkumar Natarajan, Hoy-Taek Kim, Jong-In Park, and Ill-Sup Nou
J Plant Biotechnol 2018;45:217-227
Development of InDel markers to identify Capsicum disease resistance using whole genome resequencing
Sandeep Karna, and Yul-Kyun Ahn
J Plant Biotechnol 2018;45:228-235
Evaluating phylogenetic relationships in the Lilium family using the ITS marker
Sina Ghanbari, Barat Ali Fakheri, Mohammad Reza Naghavi, and Nafiseh Mahdinezhad
J Plant Biotechnol 2018;45:236-241
Development of an SNP set for marker-assisted breeding based on the genotyping-by-sequencing of elite inbred lines in watermelon
Junewoo Lee, Beunggu Son, Youngwhan Choi, Jumsoon Kang, Youngjae Lee, Byoung Il Je, and Younghoon Park
J Plant Biotechnol 2018;45:242-249
Metabolic comparison between standard medicinal parts and their adventitious roots of Cynanchum wilfordii (Maxim.) Hemsl. using FT-IR spectroscopy after IBA and elicitor treatment
Myung Suk Ahn, Eun Jin So, Eun Yee Jie, So Yeon Choi, Sang Un Park, Byeong Cheol Moon, Young Min Kang, Sung Ran Min, and Suk Weon Kim
J Plant Biotechnol 2018;45:250-256
Stable expression and characterization of brazzein, thaumatin and miraculin genes related to sweet protein in transgenic lettuce
Yeo Jin Jung, and Kwon Kyoo Kang
J Plant Biotechnol 2018;45:257-265
Callus induction and in vitro plant regeneration of Polygonatum stenophyllum Maxim.
Min Wan Park, Shi Hyun Ryu, Yoon Young Lee, Jae-Mo Song, Jin Ho Kim, Young-Hee Ahn, and Kee Hwa Bae
J Plant Biotechnol 2018;45:266-272
Effect of preparation based on Paenibacillus ehimensis on the content of alkaloid lappakonitine in harvested rhizomes of Aconitum septentrionale
N.I. Fedorov, Z.A. Ibatullina, O.I. Mikhaylenko, S.N. Zhigunova, G.V. Shendel, L.Y. Kuzmina, G.S. Abdrakhimova, A.I. Melentiev, and G.R. Kudoyarova
J Plant Biotechnol 2018;45:273-278
Physiological activity of methanol extract and fractions from Citrus grandis Osbeck pericarp
Hyun Min Ko, and Ju-Sung Kim
J Plant Biotechnol 2018;45:279-286
The Journal of the Korean Society of Plant Biotechnology(KSPBT) publishesoriginal, peer-reviewed articles dealing with all aspects of fundamental andapplied research in the field of plant biotechnology, which includes molecularbiology, genetics, biochemistry......
Identification of functional SNPs in genes and their effects on plant phenotypes
Md. Amdadul Huq, Shahina Akter, III Sup Nou, Hoy Taek Kim, Yu Jin Jung, and Kwon Kyoo Kang
Received March 18, 2016; Accepted March 25, 2016.
Effects of altering medium strength and sucrose concentration on in vitro germination and seedling growth of Cypripedium macranthos Sw
Yoon Sun Huh, Joung Kwan Lee, Sang Young Nam, Eui Yon Hong, Kee Yoeup Paek, and Sung Won Son
Received February 11, 2016; Accepted March 15, 2016.
Analysis of growth pattern, gene expression and flavonoid contents under LED light wavelength in Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)
Yu Jin Jung ・Dae Hyun Kang ・Maral Tsevelkhoroloo ・Jun Kwan Moon ・Kwon Kyoo Kang
Received June 22, 2015; Accepted June 23, 2015.
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