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J Plant Biotechnol 2021;48:1-70
Implications of access and benefit-sharing of genetic resources for researchers
Jonghyun Lee ・Minho An ・Soohyo Lee ・Young-Hyo Chang
J Plant Biotechnol 2021;48:1-11
Research Articles
Correlation of saponarin content with biosynthesis-related gene expression in hulled and hulless barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cultivars
HanGyeol Lee·Jae-Hyeok Park·A Mi Yoon·Young-Cheon Kim・Chul Soo Park・Ji Yeong Yang·So-Yeun Woo·Woo Duck Seo·Jeong Hwan Lee
J Plant Biotechnol 2021;48:12-17
PCR-based markers for discriminating Solanum demissum were developed by comparison of complete chloroplast genome sequences of Solanum species
Tae-Ho Park
J Plant Biotechnol 2021;48:18-25
Development of molecular markers for the differentiation of Angelica gigas Jiri line by using ARMS-PCR analysis
Shin-Woo Lee ·Soo Jin Lee ·Eun-Hee Han ·Yong-Wook Shin ·Yun-Hee Kim
J Plant Biotechnol 2021;48:26-33
Genome editing of hybrid poplar (Populus alba × P. glandulosa) protoplasts using Cas9/gRNA ribonucleoprotein
Su Jin Park ·Young-Im Choi ·Hyun A Jang ·Sang-Gyu Kim·Hyunmo Choi ·Beum-Chang Kang ·Hyoshin Lee ·Eun-Kyung Bae
J Plant Biotechnol 2021;48:34-43
Induction of somatic embryogenesis from immature zygotic embryos and young apical leaves in cork oak (Quercus suber L.)
Zineb Nejjar El Ansari ·Brahim El Bouzdoudi ·Tomader Errabii ·Rabah Saidi ·Mohammed L’bachir El Kbiach
J Plant Biotechnol 2021;48:44-53
High-frequency regeneration of plants in vitro from seedling-derived apical bud explants of Tilia mandshurica Rupr. & Maxim
Tae-Dong Kim·Nam-Ho Kim ·Eung-Jun Park ·Na-Nyum Lee
J Plant Biotechnol 2021;48:54-61
The effect of artificial lights on the growth and quality of hydroponic cultivated barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) sprouts
Ju-Sung Kim
J Plant Biotechnol 2021;48:62-70
The Journal of the Korean Society of Plant Biotechnology(KSPBT) publishesoriginal, peer-reviewed articles dealing with all aspects of fundamental andapplied research in the field of plant biotechnology, which includes molecularbiology, genetics, biochemistry......
Identification of functional SNPs in genes and their effects on plant phenotypes
Md. Amdadul Huq, Shahina Akter, III Sup Nou, Hoy Taek Kim, Yu Jin Jung, and Kwon Kyoo Kang
Received March 18, 2016; Accepted March 25, 2016.
Phytochemicals and antioxidant activity in the kenaf plant (Hibiscus cannabinus L.)
Jaihyunk Ryu, Soon-Jae Kwon, Joon-Woo Ahn, Yeong Deuk Jo, Sang Hoon Kim, Sang Wook Jeong, Min Kyu Lee, Jin-Baek Kim, and Si-Yong Kang
Received May 29, 2017; Accepted June 20, 2017.
Effects of altering medium strength and sucrose concentration on in vitro germination and seedling growth of Cypripedium macranthos Sw
Yoon Sun Huh, Joung Kwan Lee, Sang Young Nam, Eui Yon Hong, Kee Yoeup Paek, and Sung Won Son
Received February 11, 2016; Accepted March 15, 2016.
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